Gift Set 9

Gift Set 9

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 POCKET HANKIE TIE PINS FOR MODS AND SKINHEADS. HARD BUT SMART specialise in Skinhead Clothing are now rapidly becoming the prefered choice for skinhead clothing and mod clothing.

our GIFT SET consists of the following:
  1. Orange Trojan Tie or hankie Pin for skinhead Tonik Suit or Crombie
  2. Gold Trojan tie hankie pin for crombie or tonik Suit
  3. White Braces for skinheads
  4. Red Skinhead or Red Mod Socks
  5. Red Hankie
  6. White Hankie
  7. Red Laces 210cm
  8. White Laces 210cm

We will pack in lovely Boxes and make this hand made gift even more special


A real treat for any ska fan, skinhead or Mod

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Brand:  Hard But Smart

Hard But Smart

Made in house by Hard But Smart

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